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Hi! Welcome to ‘the boss mom’ blog, I am so glad you are here! Let me introduce myself and tell you a little about me and ‘the boss mom’ blog.


My name is Bridget and I am in my late twenties, just trying to do my best to be successful and find balance as a wife, mom of two littles, and a career woman. My education background is in Secondary Education (Middle School and High School) in English, where I focused on my love for nurturing the youth through teaching, reading, and writing. However, while putting myself through college, I found myself in the midst of a very successful career in retail management and by the time I graduated, I had worked my way up to be the youngest store manager in a HUGE company of over 3,600 stores in the US. I landed my very first store at the ripe age of 21, and decided to keep focusing on retail instead of pursuing a teaching career. I was lucky to have an incredible district manager, who was fiercely committed to helping me develop my career aspirations and by the time I left the company, I had the privilege of leading multiple store locations at the age of 23. I was then approached by a children’s clothing retailer to open a new location near (an hour away) me as the store manager. After my interview, I fell in LOVE with this company, their products, their values, and what they stood for. Although sad to leave the company who set me on the path of success, I decided I was at the point in my life where I wanted to also focus on starting a family and my new company has allowed me to do that. I am passionate about my career and the emotional and personal connections I get to make with my customer’s and their children in my store every day! BUT, it’s a DEMANDING career and that has proved difficult as a mom.



My husband & I meBrett and the girlst 11 years ago (married for 6), while I was finishing up high school & he had just entered the workforce…by my grandmother! Who can say their grandmother set them up with the love of their life?! We have been best friends ever since & I’m so blessed to be his wife & have his full support as a working mom. It hasn’t always been easy, & we still have ups & downs like any marriage, but at the end of the day, he is my rock & the one I get share EVERYTHING with. The good, the bad, & the ugly…& as a working mom…there is UGLY! I couldn’t have picked a better Daddy for my girls & they ADORE him & look at him like he hung the moon.




I am one blessed boss mom, with two daughters. Braelynn Hope is fun, wild, and a threenager & Brynlee Grace is sweet, adores her sister, and just turned one. My husband and I tried for several years to have children, but I was only given a 30% chance of being able to conceive. On the verge of about to start fertility medication, I had yet another surgery to clean out my endometriosis. At my post op appointment, the doctor told me I was cleared and my husband & I could start trying to get pregnant again…and I must have gotten pregnant that week! After trying for over two years, I didn’t even think it was possible, but after 7 days of what I THOUGHT was a stomach virus, I decided to take yet another test on a whim. After 8 positive pregnancy tests and a positive blood test at the doctor…we were SHOCKED but excited to start our journey into parenthood! Barely hanging on, working a demanding full-time job (with an hour commute each way) and caring for our rambunctious then 1 year old, AND somehow maintaining a household…we were surprised BUT BLESSED to welcome another baby girl into our little family. But I am not going to sugar coat that I was TERRIFIED of having a break down being a working mom of 2 littles in diapers! So we prayed and PRAYED that our baby would be more calm natured and not as difficult as our first daughter (we do love her I promise)…and God knew I couldn’t handle any more and blessed us with a calm and sweet baby (PRAISE JESUS)! After my second child, I found myself in a dark place…STRESSED, EXHAUSTED, and NEEDING SOME PEACE in the CHAOS that was our lives.

And so I began my journey to take charge of my life…ALL of it…both in my career AND at home…to be a BOSS MOM!


I remember searching the internet after a LONG first week back at work after my maternity leave ended last year, for a working mom blog…and I didn’t find much, but found a lot of great stay at home mommy bloggers, working from home mommy bloggers, and part-time working mommy bloggers. BUT, as a more than full-time career woman in a demanding job, I needed FAST SOLUTIONS to help me balance my worklife and homelife. There wasn’t too much out there to offer someone in my situation…and I know I CAN’T be alone! I have learned A TON in the past three years and want to help out other working momma’s that feel they are going to BREAK! Being a BOSS at work AND at home is challenging when EVERYONE is demanding and needing your time, looking at you for answers and direction, and relying on YOU to be successful. It’s tough, It’s chaotic, BUT you are NOT alone! So join my journey to be the boss mom I know we are all capable of being! I do NOT have it together everyday, and there are still some days where I just don’t know how I will muster up enough energy to get through, BUT I have found some AMAZING ways to strengthen and balance my worklife and homelife that I want to share with my fellow boss mom’s.

My Heart & Soul

My Girls- Braelyn Hope & Brynlee Grace

You will find tips and hacks to finding balance with your career and children, Product reviews on products relevant to us mommies and our littles, honest journals of my struggles as a working mom, motivational journals to give hope on bad days, and FUNNY and REAL stories about my career and #momlife . I look forward to getting to know each of you and creating a support system and community of other BOSS MOM’s!!!

If you have a question or concern, need support, or just want to connect, please contact me at bridget@the-boss-mom.com .

With love,


the boss mom